Zoom with Tuni for Creative Writing

Join via Zoom Wednesdays 1 p.m. PST/ 3 p.m. CST/ 4 p.m. EST

What to Expect with Creative Writing Session:

Creative writing can inspire wellness! healing! insights!  With each Wednesday session, we start with a brief meditation and follow with a poem or an excerpt of an essay. The weekly prompts are informed by the poems or essays. After a timed writing period, reading back your writing is optional. 

We listen, and thank, before moving on to the next participant. 

It’s a sacred hour. We allow our inner dialogues to land on the page without editing. (The unconscious creates / the ego edits.)     

In the past 10 years, medical professionals and clinicians have recognized the
                                                                 therapeutic value of creative writing. A discipline once practiced only in college
                                                                  classrooms with a singular goal of publication in top-flight literary journals or
                                                                      academic presses, creative writing is now recognized as a tool for healing,
                                                                          maintaining wellness, and expressing the buried memories of trauma.

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